Life eternal is what we are. Wisdom is what we possess. Love is what our nature is. And that cannot be destroyed with any bomb at all. It cannot be limited by space and time.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik 
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Indian Deity

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file_icons/indian deity.gif 1. Krishna's Flute
" Wearing a peacock feather ornament upon His head, blue karnikara flowers on His ears, yellow garments as brilliant as ...
File Size:    1.6 MB
Dwnload:    1701
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:6 
file_icons/indian deity.gif 2. Dattatreya

The path of Dattatreya embraces all spiritual paths and is the source of all other traditions. He who treads the path of Truth,...

Dwnload:    865
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:5 
file_icons/indian deity.gif 3. Avatar Krishna Meditating
Krishna is a deity worshiped across many traditions of Hinduism in a variety of different perspectives. They portray him in v...
File Size:    1,7 MB
Dwnload:    1383
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:6 
file_icons/indian deity.gif 4. Lord Shiva meditating
Lord Shiva appears in a meditating but ever-happy posture. He has matted hair which holds the flowing Ganges river and a cres...
File Size:    1.6 MB
Dwnload:    722
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:5 
file_icons/indian deity.gif 5. Lord Shiva at Mount Kailash
Kailash is the Himalaya of heaven. Blissful kailash... Thousands of people have become Buddhas from those spots. They have le...
File Size:    1,4 MB
Dwnload:    769
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:1 
file_icons/indian deity.gif 6. Ganesha (Shivalinga)
You must have seen the SHIVALINGA in Hindu temples; that is a symbol. Just below that LINGA IS the YONI, the feminine part; i...
File Size:    2 MB
Dwnload:    463
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:1 
file_icons/indian deity.gif 7. The Goddess Gayatri
Gayatri Devi the Goddess,Originally the personification of the mantra, the goddess Gāyatrī is considered the veda m...
File Size:    1,4 MB
Dwnload:    678
Rating:    stars/0.gifTotal Votes:0 
file_icons/indian deity.gif 8. Saint Agastya
In Hinduism, Agastya also transliterated as Agathiar, Agasthiar, Agastyar and in other ways) is ...
File Size:    1.5 MB
Dwnload:    456
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:1 
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