Enlightenment is the process of knowing what is greater than life, what is greater than the things we can see with our physical eyes, or touch with our physical instruments. It is the moment when we begin to know something greater than that, the true governor of the whole universe, which is also within ourselves.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

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We will search high and low
For a little love,
For a little love,
To share with all beings
In all corners of the world.

Supreme Master Ching Hai, as She has affectionately become known to those who have had the pleasure to meet or work with Her, lives a message that walks the way of love.

A renowned humanitarian, artist and spiritual visionary, Her love and assistance have extended beyond all cultural and racial boundaries to millions of people around the world, including the needy and homeless, institutions of medical research on AIDS and cancer, war veterans of the United States of America, the disadvantaged elderly, the physically and mentally handicapped, refugees, and victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires.

Through these works, we witness countless reminders of compassion, which is the trademark of this caring lady and the international organization that has grown out of Her loving example.

Supreme Master Ching Hai once said: "Whatever we can share, we begin with sharing. Then we'll feel a subtle change within ourselves - more love will be pouring into our consciousness, and that is the beginning. We are here to learn, to learn to grow as well as to learn to use our power, our limitless power of love and creativity, to make the world a better place wherever we happen to be."          

As well as being a noble example of humanitarian aid, Master Ching Hai also encourages people to beautify the world we live in. Through meditating with the Quan Yin Method, Master Ching Hai has realized many latent talents that She expresses through artistic paintings and creations, music and poetry, and aesthetic jewelry and dress designs. These works of art depict the inner and outer beauty of the cultures and peoples She has met. In 1995, by public demand, Her clothing creations were exhibited on the international fashion circuit, including London, Paris, Milan, and New York. Sales from Her artistic endeavors have enabled Master Ching Hai to create an independent source of funding for humanitarian activities, highlighting Her noble love for all children of God and our responsibility to those who are less fortunate than we are.

Although She does not seek acknowledgment of any kind, in recognition of Her selfless assistance, Supreme Master Ching Hai has received numerous awards from government officials and private organizations around the world, including: The World Peace Award, The World Spiritual Leadership Award, Award for Promotion of Human Rights, the World Citizen Humanitarian Award, and the Award for Outstanding Public Service to Humankind. (Mayor Fasi): "She brings love around the world where there is hate. She brings hope where is despair. And, She brings understanding where there is misunderstanding. She is the light of a great person, an angel of mercy for all of us."

Supreme Master Ching Hai is one of the truly dedicated people of this era, helping others find and create a beautiful vision of the future. Many great people in history have had dreams, and in Her own words, so does Supreme Master Ching Hai : "I dream that the whole world will become peaceful. I dream that all the killing will stop. I dream that all the children will walk in peace and harmony. I dream that all the nations will shake hands with each other, protect each other and help each other. I dream that our beautiful planet will not be destroyed. It took billions of years to produce this planet and it's so beautiful, so wonderful; I dream it will continue, but in peace, beauty, and love. Yes, that is my dream."
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Master was particularly delighted during the Munich lecture because she once lived there before. It was part of the European leg of Her worldwide tour in 1993. Seeing the flood victims in California waiting for food out in the cold for hours, Master immediately invited everyone to a nearby store for a meal. Over a hundred people quickly went in and bought out everything hot that they had. In 1993, Mayor Fasi of Honolulu presented Master The Honorary Citizenship Award and declared October 25 - The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.
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Made with her own hands, Master rewards disciples with the "Joy rice rolls".
Master went around chatting with everybody, satisfies their longings to see Her, during one of the Sunday group meditation in Taiwan. Thousands of people of different nationalities attending the Los Angeles speech.
German TV broadcasters visited Master and produced a special TV program.
Master was in a particularly good mood today. She went to the kitchen and treated the disciples to a big meal of love. At the Munich Centre in Germany, Master is having a cordial chat with disciples.
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