Love knows no sin, no boundary, no past, but only the present.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

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The Beginning of Mastership Print E-mail
chinghai16.gifWhile The Supreme Master Ching Hai's mission is first and foremost a spiritual one, nevertheless She provides necessary material assistance to people in need whenever possible. As a result, during the last few years She has received numerous awards recognizing Her humanitarian commitment that has assisted millions of people all over the world in coping with natural disasters, poverty and disease. The most notable so far has been the 1994 World Spiritual Leadership Award that was presented by the Governors of six States in the United States (viz., Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri and Minnesota) for Her generous aid after the 1993 Mississippi flood.

Most of Her other aids were unnoticed as they were done not through the governments. Her undiscriminating compassion, like Her patience, determination and perseverance, which She has displayed throughout Her life, are important qualities for all spiritual aspirants.  These are the qualities that were also taught and exemplified by the great past Masters like Jesus, Shakyamuni Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, etcetera. Yet while each Master's life is unique, the spiritual path they take is and always has been the same. That path is the path of meditation on the heavenly Sound and Light. The Supreme Master Ching Hai has called this the Quan Yin Method, because She gave Her first public teachings in Formosa. Quan Yin is a Chinese term that means observation of the inner Vibration.

mastership.gif  mastership2.gif mastership3.gif

This primal Vibration or Sound is in its nature transcendental and therefore perceived in silence. Jesus' disciples called it the "Holy Spirit" or the "Word" (which is from the Greek word "Logos," meaning sound). "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." After Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment, He spoke of this Sound too, calling it the "drum of immortality". Krishna equated Himself with the "sound in ether". Mohammed perceived this Sound in the cave at Gare-Hira when He had a vision of the archangel Gabriel, and Lao Tzu described the Tao as the "Great Tone".

Spiritual Light also manifests as an aspect of the Divine Presence. Hence, the great Masters impart both transcendental Sound and Light, as The Supreme Master Ching Hai explains. "So, we get in contact with this Spirit, which is a manifestation of divine Light and Vibration, and by doing so, we know God. In fact, it isn't really a method. It is the power of the Master. If you have it, then you can transmit it. The method is a transcendental one that cannot be described by our language. Even if someone describes it to you, you will not receive the Light and the Vibration, the inner peace and wisdom. Everything is transmitted in silence, and you will see your old Masters like Jesus or Buddha. You will receive all that you need to follow their footsteps, and little by little you will become Christ-like, and you will become one with God."

brief-biography8.gifIn less than ten years, the ancient message of the Quan Yin meditation has spread to many countries across the globe. Suma Ching Hai's many lectures and informal discussions have been transcribed to numerous books, and audio/video tapes in several languages, and hundreds of thousands of people from different faiths have been initiated. The Supreme Master Ching Hai accepts all sincere spiritual aspirants for initiation, which like Her public lectures, is always offered free of charge. Aspirants must agree to a lifelong commitment to basic ethical codes of conduct, including adherence to a lacto-vegetarian or vegan diet. She finances Her mission with the proceeds derived from the sale of Her colorful artwork, exquisite fashion and fine jewelry designs, that have all been exhibited internationally to critical acclaim.

The rapid pace of The Supreme Master Ching Hai's vital and self-sacrificing work continues today, and with God's grace will do so long into the future. Her work will enable as many beings as possible to have the chance to connect with a most precious, fully enlightened Master. She has often said that such connections are made perhaps once in millions of years, so naturally, She welcomes all those who feel their time has now finally arrived.
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