When a person is enlightened, he rediscovered his own greatness and inner glory, and he will be satisfied forever. This is the best way to improve our shortcomings and satisfy our desires.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik 
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About Master Ching Hai's Birth Print E-mail
chinghai12.gifAccording to my mother, I came after, one day later. I am always late in everything, decided from childhood. (Laughed) You know, that is why I am always late now. You have to forgive me, I was born like that, born lazy, born late.

Some body asked me ME before, when I was born whether the light was all over the body, the room. I said, "No, I was born very normal, no light." It is true, but one day later the room was blazed with light; because it came late.

According to my MY parents, I was born no crying and eyes just open all day long; never blinked and never shut the eyes. So the parents felt very strange! What kind of child is this?

But my father said that the next evening, about 6 o'clock when it began to darken outside, and then suddenly the whole room, especially the bed I lay in was very, very bright. And they were thinking, "How come the light comes somewhere from the street?" Because we live next to a small path, walking path, and they were looking whether somebody put a shining light through the window. "Nobody there! But the light was there about 15 minutes," they said. And after the light was out, they then remembered, "Oh, it is dark!" And they began to light the lamps in the house. Because it had been shining for 15 minutes, so they did not light the lamps. And until the lights went off and they realized it was dark. And nobody was shining any light outside, no lamps on the walkway outside. So, therefore, the body was not functioning properly, the eyes just kept open and could not cry, and after that I think I cried very loud. (Master laughs.)

I think, I was very frightened to come down here. I tried to delay as much as possible until God kicked me down. He said, "Here just go," and no more choice. Yes, probably, I saw from heaven - hunger, AIDS, gems stolen (Master laughs) wars, so much chaos. What for come here? No fun. But probably, a promise is a promise. Once you promise you have to do it, and so here I am trying to do my job with you until time is up.
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