Immediate enlightenment means to be enlightened right away. At that moment, one begins to sit down to face the Supreme Master inside oneself. This is the true self.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik 
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          Title:   8. Secrets to Effortless Spiritual Practice    download_trans.gif Download
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I can’t speak about the secret of my spiritual practice. The fact is that I have no secret. Perhaps the only secret is my naivety! God looks after naïve people. Because they’re as helpless as a baby, everyone wants to protect them. When we see an abandoned and helpless baby, we quickly pick him up even if we’re not his parents. Seeing him cry, we pat him. Seeing that he’s hungry, we quickly feed him. This is because a baby is too innocent and clumsy. Therefore, everyone wants to look after him.
Perhaps my secret is just “naivety.” When we’re naïve, God takes care of us. Then we’re always by Hiers side, because Hes will not leave us. We’re just too naïve. We’ll die if Hes leaves us. We look after a baby who is too little, innocent and unable to do anything, and are constantly by his side, protecting him twenty-four hours a day. If we’re like babies, then we’re together with God always, and everything is done by the “grown-up.”
I rely on God’s power to transmit the Truth to you. Everything I do is done by God, not by this layperson. It’s safer, because the layperson may make mistakes, but God will not. As the saying goes, “The wise person looks like a fool.” If we’re foolish to that degree, God can’t ignore us. Hes will do everything, and we won’t err.

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