Enlightenment is the process of knowing what is greater than life, what is greater than the things we can see with our physical eyes, or touch with our physical instruments. It is the moment when we begin to know something greater than that, the true governor of the whole universe, which is also within ourselves.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik 
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file_icons/buddhist.gif 1. Amitabha - The Infinite Light Buddha
If there are good men or good women who hear of Amitabha Buddha, and recite his name singlemindedly and without confusion...
File Size:    1 MB
Dwnload:    1827
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:4 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 2. Gautama meditate in Celestine Lake

Gautama, was known as the Buddha or "Awakened One." Buddha is also sometimes translated as "The Enligh...
File Size:    1,7 MB
Dwnload:    2152
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:17 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 3. Gautama doing extremes ascetical
Buddha came to the world to show the path of righteousness, to destroy the path of error, and to break down sorrow. Buddhism ...
File Size:    1 MB
Dwnload:    1856
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:5 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 4. Gautama in the Mystical Realms

Buddha was born on the border of Nepal about 620 B.C. and died about 543 B.C. at Kusinagara in Oudh.

Buddhism was fo...

File Size:    1,3 MB
Dwnload:    1500
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:7 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 5a. Quan Yin riding the Holy Dragon
Quan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition. Also known as Kuan Yin, Quan'Am (Vietna...
File Size:    1,4 MB
Dwnload:    1928
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:3 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 5b. Quan Yin riding the Holy Dragon
Avalokitesvara, or Kuan Yin, is regarded as the "reflex" of Amitabha'a further emanation or embodiment of "mah...
File Size:    1,5 MB
Dwnload:    2169
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:6 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 7. Ksitigarbha saving all hell beings
"If, in the future, a good man or good woman should hear the name of this Bodhisattva and should praise or worship him o...
File Size:    1,4 MB
Dwnload:    2275
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:8 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 8a. Yaochi Jinmu
Yaochi Jinmu is called “the Original Breath of the Great Yin” and “Mother of All Creatures,” whose li...
File Size:    2 MB
Dwnload:    1955
Rating:    stars/4.gifTotal Votes:8 
file_icons/buddhist.gif 9. Padmashambava

Padmashambava is the ritual master among the triple of the abbot, the master, and the king in the Tubo Dynasty. In the mid eigh...

File Size:    1,2 MB
Dwnload:    1272
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:5 
file_icons/buddhist.gif A. Bhaisajya Guru (Medicine Buddha)

Medicine buddha is also called Bhaisajya Tathagatta or healing buddha. He is able to cure sickness of birth and death. His bod...

File Size:    1,4 MB
Dwnload:    1589
Rating:    stars/5.gifTotal Votes:2 
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