If we practice the way of love, we should do everything with love; and everything that comes out of love is naturally beautiful and perfect.

Supreme Master Ching Hai

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From : Karthik 
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Why we should meditate ? Print E-mail
chinghai6.gifTo still our minds, in order to receive the teachings from heaven, from the Kingdom of God, or from higher worlds. We always keep praying and asking, 'Please give me wisdom, please give me that,' and then when God wants to speak, He has no chance anymore because we are busy all the time. We talk, we ask and we do not listen. Do you understand? So meditation is the listening time. Just like when you ask me a question, you have to be still for a while, quiet, then I have a chance to tell you what I want to tell, or what you need to know. Yes! So meditation is like this. Sit still and receive the message. Otherwise, God wants to tell you a million things and you have no time to hear it. You are too busy talking, praying and singing, and prostrating, and counting the rosary. It is all right to do this. I do not mean that it is not good. It is very good, but then, we must be still for some time, so that God has a chance to communicate.

Peace has been within us all along. It is just that when we are too busy, seeking outside, we perhaps forget this real peace within us, and we encounter some uneasiness or difficulty in life. If we can somehow find the time, or the sincerity with which we can sit down, or just quiet ourselves down, and then search within ourselves, we will find this peace and happiness again. This is the true meaning of meditation. We don't really have to sit in a quiet corner of our house only. We can sit anywhere, or stand in the bus station, or in the bus on the way to work, or sit where we work, and quietly search deep within ourselves for the true spirit which always exists. Because we are not the body or the mind. We are not what we are doing, or what we are learning, and we are not what we are brainwashed into believing that we are. This is difficult to explain. I just understand it clearly myself, and many of our fellow practitioners also understand it.

If we truly, even intellectually, realise or analyse even the one who we call 'I': or 'Mrs. Smith' or whatever we call ourselves, we will know clearly that we: are not that. We have no existence, if that is the way we understand ourselves. If we think that we are the one with a lot of school knowledge, or the one who has anger when confronted with frustration or problems in life, or the one who is loving, who is satisfied with many successes etc., this is not the real we: Before we were born we didn't have this knowledge of school degrees, or book-clinging wisdom, for example, and we didn't have this quality of anger, we didn't have this loving attitude, or the way we feel about pleasant things or reject unpleasant events, etc. So these are just habits, the knowledge that we accumulate while we grow up.


Everyone already knows how to meditate, but you meditate on the wrong things. Some people meditate on pretty girls, some on money, some on business. Every time you pay full attention, wholeheartedly, to one thing, that is meditation. Now, I pay only attention to the inner power, to the compassion, to the love, to the mercy quality of God. But it isn't by sitting cross-legged in a quiet place that one gets something. You have to be in contact with that inner power first and the real Self inside will meditate and awaken itself. That is our meditation. We must awaken the real Self inside and let him meditate, not our human brain and our mortal understanding. If not, you will sit down and think about a thousand things and won't be able to subdue your passions. But when you are self-awakened, the real inner Self, the God power within you, will control everything. You only know real meditation after you are awakened by transmission by a real Master. Otherwise, it is only a waste of time wrestling with your body and mind.
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